The online learning market is experiencing unprecedented growth and should be worth quite US$375 billion by 2026. With more and more people staying reception and fewer people studying on- site , learning management systems are getting one among the foremost popular online course tools. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the simplest LMS tools supported features, pricing, support, etc.

let’s start.

Disclaimer: this text contains affiliate links. If you buy a paid plan, i’ll charge you alittle commission for free of charge . But when it involves the simplest LMS tools, these are the businesses I even have reviewed and fully recommend. you’ll read my full subsidiary disclosure in my privacy policy.

What Is The Simplest Learning ,anagement System?

The following are my top picks for the simplest learning management system.
Let’s take a glance at the list.

1. Talent LMS.
2. Learn Dash.
3. SkyPrep.

1. Talent LMS.

TalentLMS is that the best LMS, and it’s super easy to use.

This cloud-based learning management system provides a ready-to-use solution, you simply got to register and add courses to enable e-learning.

It also provides free trials and customizable pricing plans supported your business needs.
You can easily organize virtual training through TalentLMS, and integrate virtual meetings and video conferencing software (such as Zoom) into the LMS. It also enables you to create compelling course modules by leveraging existing media or through content available on the web .

Main features:

Ready to use out of the box -create new courses, add users and go browsing in only a couple of clicks.
Cmi5- This xAPI- based specification facilitates efficient e-learning data exchange. It also defines interoperability rules for content viewing, session management, authentication, reporting, and course structure between LMS and learning record storage.

File Repository- Organize files, share them with users, and simply reuse them in your learning modules.
Evaluation Engine- Evaluate the progress of learners through a spread of test types, and analyze test results through various data reports.


It allows you to automatically create courses for learners with limited learning paths.
Provide a mixture of e-learning and instructor-led training.
It supports calendars, personal messages and forums.
Sell courses via PayPal or Stripe and simply monetize courses.
Manage your learning environment by dividing them into branches. Each branch will act as an independent entity with its own users, courses and topics.
Full control of content management and content creation.
Control course materials, course creation and course management.
Provide the power to line learning goals to satisfy your training needs.

2. Learn Dash.

It comes with an easy-to-navigate interface , and uses custom post types to simply create course modules.

It allows companies to charge for access to e-learning content during a sort of ways. additionally , it’s equipped with an in depth library of official and third-party add-ons and multiple integration options that allow you to require advantage of other features.

Most importantly, this cloud-based LMS platform allows companies to publish a vast number of online courses. albeit you’re a beginner, don’t worry, because it provides a drag-and-drop interface to quickly create new courses and publish e-learning content online.

Main features:
Focus mode- provide a fanatical virtual learning environment for your learners, eliminate all interference, and let your content become the main target . Flexible prerequisites- this feature helps learners determine which courses they have to review and therefore the order of study. Course packs – provide a series of courses to monetize your e-learning content during a better way.


You can choose between eight differing types of questions for more attractive quizzes.
It allows you to award course points to learners once they complete a course module or reach subsequent level.
It provides powerful integration with Stripe, PayPal or 2Checkout to assist you monetize your e-learning platform. Run your e-learning platform across multiple sites with an equivalent efficiency. It is fully compatible with mobile devices, including tablets, smart phones, laptops, etc. Easily integrate with WordPress and social sharing use cases through social media channels.

3. SkyPrep.

It allows administrators to simply include corporate logos, select themes, select colors, welcome screens, icons, and pictures supported their brand requirements. It also provides customization of e-learning certificates and custom URLs.

You can easily upload e-learning files, including MS Office files, PDFs, videos, embedded links, and multimedia presentations.

Do you want to save lots of precious time? to the present end, it also allows administrators to reuse an equivalent content in other courses, thereby saving tons of your time . most significantly , SkyPrep provides powerful evaluation and survey functions with automatic scoring.

Main features:
Advanced reports- it provides visual reports, multiple report levels and course performance overviews to simply measure learner performance.
Powerful integration- you’ll also get an open API to assist integrate with systems already in use in your office.
Enterprise-level security- it protects all data during a secure SSL-certified cloud infrastructure and provides comprehensive access control of the platform.

Customize the training path to limit the course flow.
It complies with the PCI-DSS standard and enables secure transactions.It provides access to multiple pre-packaged courses to assist launch the e-learning platform easily. You can easily log in through other social platforms, including Gmail, Facebook, Windows Live, and LinkedIn. It also provides regular training for self-management.